"I just received my order today. They are truly beautiful and comfortable. I love my charger mouse pad too! Such a great idea!"

~ Sue Hay

"We've got the healing shirts and loving them, the first time I wore that healing shirt I couldn't spend too much time in it, my energy went all the way up to the roof and I had to take it off for the day and I had to discharge some of the extra energy...But just a few days later I'd gotten used to it and I can wear it for much longer, the color is also perfect and the quality is excellent. Thank you!"

~ Shakti Veda

"I am in LOVE with these shirts! I ordered both a Rejuvenator and Detoxifier theme and the shirts look amazing! I love the sacred geometry on them both!! I wore my Rejuvenator when I slept the first night I got it and my whole body felt amazing the next morning. Like every cell was refreshed. It was such a beautiful feeling! Not only that but I had some very powerful dreams too! I love the Healing Code Cards too and I use them while wearing either of my shirts, and I can't describe how incredible it feels! Brad, you have done it again!! Thank you SOOOO much! Everyone needs to have these shirts... They're a life saver!"

~ Becky Schwartz

San Diego, CA, USA

"I received a free sample shirt from Healing Code Shop, and I am in absolute love with it. As soon as I put it on, I could feel the energy in my body vibrate. The shirt is really powerful!! The Rejuvenator shirt got rid of some stubborn aches I've had in my shoulders for months within about 20 minutes. Rotated my shoulders and the aches are GONE! I have the Healing Code Cards as well, so having this shirt too is a blessing. Thanks Brad! I plan to order a couple more shirts once the shop opens. Super satisfied customer!"

~ Terry Hutchinson
Vancouver, BC, Canada

More testimonials to come!