​How Do I Place An Order, and what about payment and shipping?​

Click on our Shop link and you'll be taken to our provider that will print and shop your order to you. Our provider (Spreadshirt) handles payments and ships worldwide so delivery of your item(s) is entirely in their hands. Don't worry, they're an awesome provider!


Is there a certain way the clothing should be washed?

Our provider gives details on appropriate cleaning for the apparel they offer. There are many different choices so it all depends on what you buy through the shop. But if you're uncertain, you can contact our provider as they're happy to answer any questions you have regarding your order. It's important that you turn your clothing inside out before washing as this prevents any fading or breaking of the geometry on the apparel in question.

Okay, I got my order in the mail. So what do I do next?

This is where you'll want to download the PDF document based on the theme(s) you ordered. Have the PDF on your device or print it out and just follow the instructions on it step by step. It's very simple to use Healing Code technology.


What about Returns & Refunds?

As HealingCodeShop.com does not print, handle or deliver your order, we are not responsible for any refunds or returns. Such questions would need to be answered by our provider (Spreadshirt) and you can contact them through the Shop's page.

I'm wearing the shirt, but don't really feel anything. Is this normal?

Everyone will feel the healing codes differently. Some who are sensitive to source energy can feel it strongly, like those people who meditate regularly, and some who don't may not. Don't be concerned. The shirt is always working whether you feel it or not. You can also try amplifying the percentage of the apparel or item as mentioned in the instructions for a stronger effect. But whether felt or not, the healing codes are working on you.

I'm wearing the shirt, and I'm feeling the energy really strongly and I feel it's making me a little dizzy. What can I do?

This too can happen, and it's nothing to worry about. It would be good at the start to wear it for a short amount of time where it's not making you dizzy, and you can either turn off the healing codes as mentioned in the PDF instructions of the theme, or simply take the apparel off. If it feels very strong, nurse your time day by day in wearing it as your body adjusts to its energy. Overtime, it will get used to the healing codes. The healing codes will never harm you and are perfectly safe. Some people may just have more toxins and debris in their body more than others and that's where the intensity is coming from as the apparel/item works to clearing toxicity out of your system safely.

Can others use my apparel or items and receive the same benefit?

If you're a sweet person and like to share your clothing and if it fits on your family member or friend, sure! The same goes with an item. They too will receive the healing benefits from it and their own unique way as everyone is different. That's where the true magic happens with Healing Code technology. It works for everyone, but everyone will experience it in their own unique way as the Healing Codes themselves are alive and intelligent with Spirit.

My shirt faded in the wash, is it any good?

Relax. It's still good! Even if the color of the symbol fades, the Healing Code technology is embedded in the actual shape of the geometry itself and not in its color. Only if the geometry itself starts to fade away or is broken, the integrity of the codes can degrade as the geometry is the vessel for the Healing Codes. So even if faded, yes, your shirt will still work. Healing Code technology is resilient!

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Thank you for shopping with us!