Why is the Healing Code Shop so Special?

Rejuvenator Shirt.jpg

Healing Code Technologies was developed in 2019 by its creator, Brad Johnson. In late 2019, Brad Johnson created our associate website, HealingCodeCards.com. This included a card deck of 36 cards designed similarly to how the items in the Healing Code Shop are produced. Each card is specifically designed for bringing pure spirit source energy permanently contained in sacred geometry bringing a profound healing effect to anyone who uses the cards. Yes, we have customer testimonials to back this claim up, both on the associate website and on Amazon. They are life-changing!

The items in the Healing Code Shop are exactly the same in effect. A sacred geometrical symbol upon a T-shirt, hat, socks, coffee mug, etc. to deliver a powerful spiritual source energy effect to anyone who wears and uses the item daily.

The items in the Healing Code Shop are also user controlled when it comes to the amplification of the spirit source energy's power as well as being able to turn the healing code technology on or off. Something that's not available with the Healing Code Cards. This is a new feature developed by Brad Johnson specifically for the items in the Healing Code Shop. When you look at the Healing Code "Themes" on our website, you'll see a button underneath the theme description to click on so you can download the PDF instructions for that particular theme. Once you have your shirt or other item in the shop delivered to your door, have that PDF document handy so you know how to user-control the shirt or other item in question, and TA-DAH! You have a healing code technology item at your disposal.

Okay, okay.. But I don't believe in all this spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Will the shirt still work on me when I wear it even if I don't believe it will?

You bet it will! And you don't have to concern yourself about the spiritual source stuff if you don't want to. Just enjoy the shirt or any other item you purchase. They look great, and enjoy the effects it brings to you. You don't have to do anything else but to reap the rewards it will bring you behind the scenes as it invisibly goes to work helping to make you healthy. Plain and simple!

Got more questions, check out our FAQ page. Got another question not in our FAQ? Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to get back to you.

Thanks again for visiting HealingCodeShop.com and we hope you enjoy the Healing Code technology we have to offer you!